Handprint Turkey Softie and Tutorial #handprintturkey
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Handprint Turkey Softie and Tutorial #handprintturkey

Bella Dia: Handprint Turkey Softie and Tutorial

For me, the hand print turkey is the quintessential Thanksgiving kids craft and it is one of my favorites. I thought it would be fun to have a more permanent version so I decided to make a softie version. I'll be the first to say that the following tutorial is very spare (because I'm really supposed to be working on other things) but I had this on my mind and just had to make it! You'll need: *two layers of fabric large enough to accommodate your child's hand with at least one inch to spare all the way around *a few pins *disappearing fabric marker or pencil *sewing machine & coordinating thread *scissors *poly-fil or other stuffing *pencil with eraser for help with stuffing *scraps of felt (wool preferable)for feathers, wings, eyes, beak, and wattle; I used red, orange, gold, yellow, and beige *fabric glue, like Fabri-Tac How-to: With right sides of fabric together, trace your child's hand with the marker/pencil. Pin the fabric together and sew over marked lines leaving the wrist area open. Trim within about 1/8" of stitch line. Snip between the fingers and around any curves. Turn right side out and poke out fingers. Using only small bits of stuffing at a time, stuff the fingers then the hand. Tuck in the bottom opening and edge stitch to close or hand stitch if you've got time - I didn't. Feathers should be about the length of the fingers. I didn't use a pattern but cut them freehand. I used five different colors and cut two feathers from each one for a total of ten. Snip along one edge of the feather. Apply glue only at the base of the feather and attach to the turkey. Cut two wings, apply glue on one forward end only and place appropriately. Cut a little triangle for the beak and a little rounded strip for the wattle and glue in place. Take a little bit of felt and roll it between your fingers to make the eye then glue in place and repeat for the other side. Tip: If you don't want to machine sew then make the body from felt. Leave a little more room around the edges of the tracing for hand sewing and there's no need to turn it inside out. Continue as above with the stuffing and feathers. Your done! That was simple right? Enjoy! *This post includes an affiliate link. If you make a purchase through this link I will receive a small commission. I only recommend products that I like and think that you will like too. Thank you for your support!


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